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Sightings with Unaided Eye
as of Apr 20, 2003

I saw that red splotch in the sky last week for several nights running using binoculars, so I don´t deny its presence. (I´m in the southern part of Los Angeles). It faded into and out of view. I´m no astronomer, so I don´t know if there is something well known out there already or not. I found it at the location indicated on Nancy´s site (approximately - I have no way of entering the specific location into my binoculars!) The weather and sunset in Taurus have not been accomodating for the past week or so. Did I take a picture? No. I wasn´t out to convince anyone but myself. The disinformation specialists would be all over it anyway, and for people to be convinced, they must go out and see it for themselves. I am still looking for the location of the Crab Nebulae to make sure I´m not looking at that. The other thing I´m looking for is a time progression of the splotch to see if it really has moved. If it has, then it is close. My impression so far is that it has. By the way, fake pictures don't prove it´s not out there (a good disinfo technique), nor do they prove it is.
Parsingman, in California
I found X there is no other star or planet that bright in that part of the sky, going by the sky charts and it's right where you said it would be.
Raymond, in Canada
I live in the desert southwest at 5000 foot elevation in a small town, so clear skies most of the year. I looked for Planet X first try around March 29, naked eye. I saw a very tiny blink of red light at the Zeta position at least a dozen times, but it was frustrating to try to hold the image. So, I figured I would wait a week and then it would be easy to see. But then it got cloudy here for a week and then the moon came out to wash out the night sky and Planet X kept getting lower on the horizon with more dusk light interference. Finally last night the moon was again out of the picture so I tried again around 9:00. I could just barely make out the two stars that Planet X falls between and slightly below with my naked eye though the previous time they were fairly bright and easy to see. But I was able to catch about 4 flashes of red light over a half hour of viewing, right at the current Zeta position. The flashes were larger yet more diffuse, probably due to the dusk light. Very frustrating viewing indeed, very tiring. I plan to borrow binoculars and try again in the next couple of nights but Planet X keeps dropping lower in the sky earlier. Will report. Although I am personally preparing for Planet X I cannot give my sightings better than a 40% proof value for its existence. Hope to have more to say soon. ... Have acquired binoculars now, but cloudy for last three days now. Worried that Planet X will be too into the dusk light by the time I get a clear sky again.
Wee, in Southwest US
I am here in northeast South Dakota. On April 17, 2003 as I scanned the area suggested, I saw flashes of light coming on at random locations around the coordinates given. What are those flashes, I cannot say. Maybe the PX complex!
Bo, South Dakota