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Fire Dragon
Florida, on Aug 3, 2003

I can see the formation of a comet and long tail (representing Planet X) rising to the Ecliptic on my telescopic digital lens, but was unable to capture the actual formation of the comet and red dust cloud on the photo frames previously. This morning Aug 3 at 10:30 AM ET I was finally successful in capturing the image. These two frames both show the comet and red dust tail in all its glory. Look at how defined the comet is with the classical serpentine formation as it now has risen to the Ecliptic and become a totally separate entity as shown by the inverted color photo. Notice also how the red persona of Planet X is shown just below the actual planet along with the red dust and debri field trailing it. Interestingly, the persona has become increasingly larger each day as the planet draws closer to the Earth. The object off to the upper right of the frame I believe is Planet Venus, as it seems to have the same cooridnates as the Soho image on Aug 3.