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on Aug 3, 2003

I have watched Lasco and Soho for over two years now and have grown acustomed to various types and strengths of flares. This is where I become firm that this is no flare. Study this Frame in any photo or graphics software you have on your computer. This looks more like a big van burning oil, not the expected explosion that one would expect if the bright center was just stellar material. In the first frame [01:42], a body emerges into view , here it is clear there is a brigh luminous center even if one believes this is only a CME. In the next frame [02:18] it is even clearer that the matter that surrounds the body in question in this event is trailing the object and not showing proper relation to the sun as do most flares. In the last two frames [02:42 and 03:18] I see more evidence the matter surrounding the object is trailing it some distance as is observed by the tail end coming out atop the occulting disk, whether this is behind the sun also I cannot say. If this was a CME the tail end of the long tail would have to result from a flare atop the sun from this view. I have seen a flare look like that in size/brightness and range. [But] it’s Identical to the matter surround the bright star like body and goes in a nice long declining trail that starts to give a good 3D reference to this object and it's company.

Note the placement of Planet X and its dust cloud just beneath the Sun, as in the Florida photos captured the same day. Note also the correlation that made to stars in view from the Hawaii webcam shot, same time frame, showing this to be a valid set of frames released from SOHO, probably an oversight of a deliberate leak by someone disgusted with the coverup. Venus is the bright planet to the right, transiting behind the Sun and reflecting fully the Sun's light.