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Naked Eye
Florida, on Aug 7, 2003

I and my sons saw a second sun with the naked eye. We were driving home from the mall and low and behold there it was. It was around 5:30PM in Florida. The second sun was located about 1 o´clock. I am not saying it is Planet X, but we did observe an orb as bright as a sun. We know what we saw. Maybe CME? Are they completely round? The photos are untouched. The photos were taken around 12:30 on the 7th.

The other day I saw a blob near the edge of the sun, and on the morning news we have those videocams out on location before they go into the weather forecast and they showed the sun and it was on there too. [and from another poster] I have been seeing that blob near the sun in Ontario now for over a month. [and from another poster] . I, too, thought I saw something not right with the setting sun last week. It was Thursday, 8:05PM and as I was going home from the grocery store after getting off work the soon-to-set sun was directly in front of me. It was almost covered by clouds which appeared to be moving to the southwest. As the clouds thinned out, it looked as if there was an egg-shaped sun-like object at the 5 o´clock position beneath the orb of the sun. [and from another poster] I saw exactly the same thing! At 1 o´clock too! It was around 7.30 PM Lisbon time. I was driving my way home. Ten to fifteen minutes later the Sun was normal again. I saw it with naked eye as the air is full of smoke from the forest fires. The smoke acted like a filter. I swear I saw it! Imagine that the Sun is a cell. Now imagine that that cell starts to divide itself. That´s what I saw. The Sun and behind it another Sun, same colour, same size. [and from another poster] I have seen it too, same place, almost as bright as the sun.

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