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Starfield from Photo from Spain
provided Apr 23, 2003

This one is interesting! Any more data? Time it was taken, date, type of camera? Any format other than JPEG? Might be genuine. Still testing. I wish I had a different format to work with. JPEG is so grainy. I will do more extensive research through tonight and part of tomorrow. I still have not found any reason to deny its authenticity other than the obviousness of the JPEG and lack of recognizable star groups. There are however stars in the background consistent with the exposure of the object and pixel size. This one has me spooked. There are embeded objects like moons in the interior of the dust cloud with their own dust clouds. I will look for more sophisticated clues of hoaxing but it may not be possible without better data to find if this is a hoax. My mind is open on this one. for now. I was able to bring out some of the background information aka stars? Do any of these look familiar to the region where Px is supposed to be? I am not enough of an astronomer to know if this a real starfield of the area. Just one more piece of information for us to check out. The spain photo is now my best candidate for potential reality or excellent fake but I wish it had more starfield to view for verificaiton etc. Spain and Kid A are very similar in shape size etc. And the moons are in different positions in both.