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Many Faces
North Dakota, on Aug 14, 2003

Here is a great sunset presentation from Grand Forks, ND, mailed to me by a member of the 'Skywatch' crew. Notice in the first frame as the sun begins to set overhead, the White Persona becomes clearly visible at the Ecliptic in the formation of a double helix (see also the color inverted copy). Immediately off to the left is the Red Persona. As the sequence continues the Red Persona becomes more visible as a Red Cross in the sky. Then we have the 4 spikes originating from the center of the Sun, but in this particular sequence they resemble a large X through the Center as if we are being warned about the approach of Planet X. Notice in these last few photos that the setting sun takes on a drastic change as it gets closer to the horizon. Planet X becomes visible to the camera as a flaming Red Dragon, and then seems to peak out from the side of the Sun towards the end.