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Fraud from France, a Pierre2
on Apr 21, 2003

Just got this in my mailbox. Am forwarding to you. Have checked the image, it is in TIF, a big file. There is a red spot on the image located below Planet X coordinate area according to coordinates given in the email below. Will need a Star chart to sort out surrounding area if this passes graphics analysis. I have asked for a .FITS image and darks, approximate lat/long image was taken from, exposure time, and any filters used. The email request for more information came back as undeliverable.
CCD Image of suspected Planet X

Coordinates: RA 4:31 / Dec -0:33
Visual Brightness: 2
Taken at f/3.4, using the Optec MAXfield focal reducer using the 
   Track & Acclimate function of the ST-6B at -40 degrees C.
Pentax SD FU 10cm(4") f/4 astrograph,
Image taken at 0430 GMT, 21st April, 2003.
It is drawn in in my opinion. It is a black and white background with red smudge effect added. It is not a paste. The overall shape of the object does not change with any adjustment. Natural objects change due to the edges being indistinct. Drawn objects tend to retain their shape as this does. Note the symetry of each level outward. Circular. A natural dust cloud would look more like the other photos we have been viewing.