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Sightings with Unaided Eye
as of Apr 30, 2003

 <Swanny> Well, I looked for the small Megellan Galaxy thing again. That is what we deemed was most likely what I mentioned seeing last week.
<Swanny> My next question is, to anyone who knows astronomy please, does this Magellia-thing which is naked eye visible TRAVEL in relation to Aldebaran? Because since last week the thing I was looking at has MOVED in the sky, Im sure of it, I would say it has almost doubled the distance it was from Aldebaran and is a little higher in the sky. It still appeared to me to be lower than Aldebaran in the sky, which still confuses me, need coord confirmation.
<Swanny> I watched the sky from sunset to full dark
[Apr 30 6:05 PM], the planets were vivid and very beautiful. I jumped out of my skin when my silver sparkly cloud of fairy dust BLINKED RED at me. It was not a color I expected to see in the sky, it was a DULL red (hate to admit it, like blood).
#zetatalk channel, from Sydney Australia
On 04-29-03 at 07:05 PM in bright light after sunset on the horizon in the western Arizona desert at an altitude of 4000 feet I saw a red object naked eye visible at 5 degrees above the horizon. It was as red as a fire engine constantly visible, extremely bright with slight flickering. It apeared almost at the position of the 05-15-03 coordinates given by Zeta Talk or very close to the where the star Beid should be. I watched it for 15 minutes until it got to low into the pollution along the horizon. Also saw it on 04-30-03 again with binoculars flickering but not naked eye visible (pollution was worse). According to its position if this is PX it is at the 05-15-03 coordinates not the 04-30-03 coordinates.
Sky Watcher
Last night [Apr 27] at about 8:10 central time in northwest Florida, my wife and I both saw red and white lights dance erradically around the area given for the sighting of Planet X, then it seemed to fly off like a normal aircraft until it got to area given for PX on april 20th. then it danced in a erratic circle again. Elapsed time was about 2 minutes. On April 21, 03 we had both seen at least 6 flashes of red light (similar in appearance to aircraft lights), but the light stayed in the same location for at least 3 minutes. Both of our sightings were visible only through binoculars
Mike, in Florida
<Tau87> it looks like flashes of light showing up at random locations around the coords.
<CapNibiru> yes, I saw it
<JohnnyM> Capnibiru, WHEN
<CapNibiru> last night [Apr 25] Johnny
<CapNibiru> northern Idaho
<Secridros> Thanks, seen Planet X in Minnesota twice now, at dusk time.
#zetatalk Channel [Apr 26]
I am from Italy. I saw Planet X on Saturday 26 April, 5.30-6.00 PM., in Padua (Padova), north-east Italy, position SSW. It was as a 2nd Sun, and the sight is the same identical to the photo by University of Nebraska (pxsightings 2 May).
We had a few days of clear skies again, so even though Orion's Belt is barely visible in the evening sky after dusk, I tried for several nights in a row. On Wednesday night [Apr 23] when it was almost 9:00 PM [daylight saving time] and the spot below Aldebaran was at the horizon, I saw a strong stobe of orange light at the coordinate spot. It took 15 minutes of patient looking to get this, however. Stars overhead were visible, Aldebaran and Orion's Belt could be made out, and stars at the horizon not visible at all in the light pollution.

Click for full size Where to Look image, from the Islander site.