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Occulting Sun
Missouri, on Aug 19, 2003

These Photographs were taken on August 19, 2003 @ 3:30 pm EST in Missouri with a simple Web-Camera. Being cynical, I decided to check out all the Planet X hype, and went outside, aimed the web-cam at the sun, and clicked about 7 photos. The results are below. Notice what appears to be a second sun.
Photo Guy
I took a look, Photo Guy, and that little object buzzing around to the lower right is unfortunately a clasic lens flare. It stands before the clouds. I moves around even though the clouds are exactly the same, showing close time stamp. There is a halo around the Sun and it is along the edge. I think it meets all the criteria for a sundog. You have a sundog yapping at your heels here. However, there is an Occulting Sun there! Notice how elongated the sun appears, even though the curve at the lower right that you can see distinctly is very crisp. It has an egg shape.