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Sunrise Sun
San Francisco, Apr 30, 2003

It was about 6 15 AM in the Bay Area. I saw white ball at 9 o clock to the sun. The ball was very bright, but as the Sun was going up, so the bowl slightly down and fading. I hope tomorow will be like today, for my confirmation.
Kacper, on godlikeproductions Message Board
The 9:00 position would have it just directly to the left of the sun, so right were Planet X would be with the Red Persona getting bent up. Mercury is also to the left but is very close to the sun, only a few degrees away so I'm not sure if he could have been seeing that at all.
You said it was to the 9 o’clock of the Sun? Well Venus was at the 2-3 o’clock of the Sun and about 30 degrees or so above the horizon. How high above the horizon was it?
It was about 6:15 AM . The sky was very clear ,and the sun was right above the horizon. I was looking at that for about 5 minutes. The distance of the white ball was about 5-6 diameter of the sun direcly to the left. I was astound. This is a whole true so help me God.
Attention debunkers, my computer planetarium shows Venus approximately 20-30 Sun diameters to the 2 o’clock of the Sun. This is no where near where this guy is reporting this. Mercury is still below the horizon at this point in time. There is nothing on the star charts where this person said. Also, people are beginning to see white in Planet X, I guess it depends on the angle and the conditions for the White Persona to show.
Regarding the debate on the moon and sun´s position at sunrise in San Fran: First of all the moon is new right now. Only a tiny crescent sliver may have been visible at moonrise the past couple days. Secondly, yesterday on April 30, the moon rose to the right side of the sun per USNO azimuth statistics for that date in the Bay area. That would be the 3 o´clock position relative to the sun, not the 9 o´clock position. Don´t know what he saw, but if he saw something at 9 o´clock position it shouldn´t have been the moon.
5:15 AM (w/o DST) in San Francisco
6:15 AM (w/o DST) in San Franciso, Sun at Aries