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Fire Dragon
Italy, on Aug 21, 2003

These this shots are made August 21, between local time 5:15PM to 5:30PM. I was beaming W (270°). What I noted the object from 1°image pass to opposite on the 2°image. How is possible? Why? And in 3° image multiscreen is possible to note differences!
Compare this writhing Fire Dragon to the photo taken on August 8, when another rack of shots was taken. Here, you can see the Fire Dragon writhe! It has come closer, the dust cloud drawn toward Earth! Why did the dark spot move? These are dense moon swirls, composed of moons and debris and dust continually in motion. Note in the Stampede page that on Dec 28, 2002 a similar dense blotch appeared due to moon swirl overlap. A whirling dancer at a distance looks like a blur, but up close, you can see the hand movements. This is close!