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Monster Sun
Virginia, on Aug 23, 2003

I live in Alexandria, VA and shot these photos with my Canon GL2 camcorder. I haven't seen any of the tell tell signs that have been documented on your site, so i wanted to capture a sunset myself. Needless to say, I was surprised at what I saw! I think it is possible that the Second Sun is not Planet X but a sun reflection of some sorts. I had three filters on the lens, so that my camera's optics wouldn't get fried. I took these photos off the film using Adobe Photoshop, but did nothing to enhance the pics. While shooting, I used auto-focus mode, manually controlled the exposure (I was done in the - 8 to -11 range). Here's to the Truth Quest!
The 10 horns of the Fire Dragon have been captured as well! Note that the obvious lens flares to the right,a line of red an a green dot, move from frame to frame, but the Monster Sun, which is not a lens flare, does not move.