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Similar Reports

I saw the same thing as Kent at the same time driving from Lyons to Boulder CO but I thought it was Venus. I drive that road at the same time every morning. I have seen it on clear days for the past week [Apr 29-May2].
Randy, in Colorado
My cousin in Jamaica had a Second Sun sighting today [Apr 30]! Just as predicted by the Zetas. She said: "Did you see the red thing around the sun today? Everyone in Jamaica saw it. I wondered if it had anything to do with the May event."
Kurt, from Jamaica
I am ever the skeptic but my wife and I got up at 4 AM [Apr 30] to see if we could confirm what Kent in Golden CO saw as he was going to work looking east at 5:30 AM [Apr 29] yesterday. We live at 9,500 feet in the Colorado Rockies but have a clear shot of the eastern horizon, if we drive down the road a ways. The object was there as reported, steady bright (so not a star) and had red in the lower quadrant. I have not had any luck in finding X with binoculars in the night sky here, the sky has been obscured lately and I suspect PX is now so well below Aldeberan that the mountain range obscures it. Anyway we are treating this sighting as the probable elusive PX. It should be getting larger rapidly. Will keep you posted.
Falconbear, in Colorado
I saw what looked exactly like the Denver description this morning [May 1] in Portland Oregon from the helipad of the hospital I work at. It was 4:30 clear skies, sun not yet up. The brightest object in the eastern sky, strong flickering, very bright, red and white. I watched it for ten minutes until it was obscured by morning clouds rising off the ground so I am not sure exactly where the sun would have risen but it was really the only thing I could see over there. Very intense looking.
Mark, in Oregon
Coincidentally, I also live near Golden, CO and leave for work at 5:30AM MDT. I was excited after reading Kent's report, hoping to confirm his Second Sun sighting. My excitement soon diminished after checking my Planetarium program which has worked faithfully, confirming where to look and comparing with Skymap images on the net. Attached is a screen capture from Planetarium showing Venus, due east, at 5 degrees above the horizon. The red cursor is set (approx.) at current PX coords. The program was setup for Denver, April 28, 2003, 5:30am, MDT. For six years, I've been astonished by Zetatalk accuracy. I haven't seen Planet X yet but continue to look. [Note: Red Persona does bend up and to the left, toward the core of the Earth, so is presenting to the left of the Sun at dawn, and is also up and to the left of the coordinates in the evening.]
Gary, in Colorado