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Persona Merging
Pennsylvania, on Aug 28, 2003

With these photos you will see a third object at 11:00 along with the others at the 1:00 position only because was trying to catch the one at 1:00, I noticed the flair from the photo yesterday and thought I'd try to see if I could catch it more disinctly, here it is! The third photo shows the larger objects in their position at ~3:00. Taken about 30 feet east of where I took the photos yesterday, on the other side of the house which is why you can see an electric line in one of the photos. These were taken with a HP C200 Photo Smart digital camera.
Compare these photos to the one taken on August 27, similar placement of personas. Note also that the persona at 2 o'clock Occulting the Sun can be discerned by the lopsided line flares, which do not meet in the center of the Sun!