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Persona Ecliptic
Mt Wilson, on Aug 31, 2003

Mt Wilson webcam became infamous on May 26 when Misty captured a series of photos showing Planet X Red Persona rising to the right, and ahead of, the Sun. Since that time Planet X has moved in its retrograde orbit. The White Persona, smaller and pink overall, and precisely spherical, has made its appearance at Santorini just below the Ecliptic at sunset.
Here in a Mt Wilson sunrise capture, we see this same White Persona, also snugged up against the Ecliptic (noted by the dotted line). Note in the (2 MB) animation that the lens flares for the Sun (red) go into the sun, but the lens flares for the White Persona (blue) have the White Persona as the focus, proving it to be a second light source.

Click to download the 2 MB animation.