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Sunrise Sun Photos
Greece, May 3, 2003

I want to be honest and clear to everyone, I am not convinced that this is px yet. So, I'll explain with my poor english the situation as I understand it. If you look for few minutes at the area of the sun. Your eyes gets a kind of white shadows something like white balls pumping around following the movement of the eye. That was a problem for me trying to separate and understand when I stop my eyes, trying to understand if I look at something real or eye shadow. Actually from time to time I could see many white shadows and sometimes 1 or none! That is why in first place to shoot the area ..blind. Thinking to zoom the photo at an editor at home and have a clear opinion. As I upload the photos from the camera I saw what you see. The altitude was 375 meters above the level of sea.

The May 2, 2003 photos was taken holding the camera with my hands.... Those photos are taken from the higher floor of the building (first floor). The May 3, 2003 photos [below, taken at 6:27 AM, 6:33 AM, and 6:38 AM respectively] was taken using tripod from a telescope (which actually I had to make a small patend to fit the camera on telescopes tripod and it end up with a no so stable tripod). But I was pressing the button, so maybe I moved a bit the camera sometimes. Those photos are taken from the higher floor of the building (2nd floor). I change positions more than 2 times walking along the building. The all distance was about 10 meters, relocating the tripod as well. the timing is approximate and not accurate.
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