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Quebec Photos on May 5, 2003
Uncertain Capture

I created a photo album on the Yahoo tt-watch photo directory called "2nd Sun in Quebec" with the photos posted on the French list by somebody in Quebec. I do not know him(her) so I cannot state it is not a fake. I do not know either if these could be artifacts. I just relay the information. These photos were taken on May, 4th with a digital camera. The original post in French is copied below.
Véronique, on tt-watch Message Board
Je suis dans le groupe depuis 2 mois environs, et j'aime bien ça! Un peut moins depuis que le sceptique son arriver mes ça prend toute sorte de monde pour faire un monde! Je suis aller dans le nord du Québec près de Mont-laurier, samedi et au lever ce matin j'ai prit des photos du lever du soleil avec une caméra digitale. J'étais hébété quand j'ai regarder les photos car je ne voyais rien a l'œil nu le soleil étais trop fort. Il y a 3 photos je ne sais pas du tous si ces de la réflexion ou non mes j'imagine qu'il y a des expert ici pour me le dire. PS les sceptique s'abstenir, je ne veut pas me disputez avec vous.
2nd Sun in Quebec?
Looking better to these pics, I think it is a good example of an artifact, since the object is moving too rapidly from one photo to the other. And it is not where it has been seen by the unaided eye at 9h from the Sun. The author states (s)he could not see anything with the unaided eye. Maybe the 3rd one shows something real, but I doubt it.
I suspected the same. You can see the strong glare of the sun's rays from the photo, extending out and very near the supposed "second sun", especially in the second photo. If anything, I think its more likely a sundog/artifact than a second sun sighting.