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on Apr 22, 2003

I could not see anything with binoculars and naked eye, [but] a long exposure picture (8s, F2.5, 100ASA, zoom equivalent to 103mm in a 35mm camera) with a digital camera revealed something. A second 2s exposure showed more. The coordinates were not exactly the Zeta ones for that date. It seemed advanced in time. On the 22nd of April day I took the picture [which] looked like in the 4th of May coordinates. The overexposed picture after auto levels in a photo software shows a circular glow, also the low exposure shows something there with a certain structure. I used a SONY DSC-S85 (4.1 megapixels), manual focus to infinite, shutter priority. The third picture shows the Aldebaran region just as a reference of the zoom used because it was the same for the 3 pictures. The location coordinates are 22.2N 113.6E.
Photo 1Photo 1darkness and contrast adjust filter.Photo 1 enlarged.
Photo 2, same position as Photo 1 but with 2s exposure time, auto adjust.Photo 2 detail, auto adjust. Photo 3: Aldebaran as seen in that night with the
same zoom and settings as [left], auto adjust.