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SOHO Slip Ecliptic Correlation
on Sep 7-8, 2003

When packaging the photos daily submitted, I have been for the past couple weeks trying to determine the physical location of Planet X vs a vs the Ecliptic. The White Persona represents this location. I have used the category Persona Ecliptic to package photos where the time stamp was given to me, and SkyMap star charts run up accordingly. Not rocket science. There has been great consistency in showing the Planet X White Persona along the Ecliptic in the direction of the spot where Leo the Lion constellation touches the Ecliptic. Not that far from the Sun, just in that direction. Please note that the SOHO Slipup on Sep 7 & 8, whereby they showed Planet X in several released images, puts this complex, with corpus clearly visible, in the same location! Venus is in the 9:30 o’clock position on the blue C2, shown below in full, with Planet X at 4 o’clock.