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Sunset Sun Photos
Washington, May 6, 2003

These were taken on Tuesday, May 6, 2003 at 8:15pm, during the sunset in Bellingham, Washington. I used a Fuji FinePix 2650 w/3x optical zoom. I used the highest resolution setting and snapped these clearly visible images of what appears to be something bright in the sky. It's coming from the exact part of the sky that your guide pointed to. Who knows what it is, other than it's an interesting light source from the part of the sky where Planet X is suppose to be. It is similar to other images captured in Greece, but it might just be a sundog or something like that. Also, it was only visible in the sky for about 10 minutes, before it was swallowed in horizon haze and light pollution.
We're you able to see any similar phenomenon on the right side or was this purely only on the left side of the sun?
Purely on the left side only. I tried again last night but it was too cloudy. There's a chance that tonight might be more promising.