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Persona Ecliptic
New Jersey, on Aug 18, 2003

Here are a few pics taken with a cheap Kodak digital cam through a pair of cheap polarized sun glasses. The resulting pics were stunning to say the least. I have includeda few that are viable fodder for Planet X speculation. These pics were taken on August 18th, from the back door of Veggie Works restaraunt in Belmar NJ. The pics were taken through the course of the late afternoon.
SnakeDance Jones
Planet X approaches from Orion/Taurus, but by Aug 18 was next to the Sun. Since that date, the Earth has moved counterclockwise in its orbit, putting the background stars in a different perspective, so that the Planet X complex now looks to be along the Ecliptic where Leo the Lion constellation touches the Ecliptic. Note that even then, on Aug 18, the complex had risen to the Ecliptic.