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Monster Sun
Russia, on Sep 13, 2003

These shots I made today, about 1 PM, in Moscow. I used the glass from welders mask. My friend held it by hand in front of camera lenses, so the relative position between them changed from shot to shot. So I think that any lense flares are the consequence of it. May be I am wrong - I am not expert in light refraction. Photos were made by Fujifilm S1 Pro camera with UV Protection filter on. I just crop them. No other corrections were made.
In the first (A), a Monster Sun with Dust Cloud can be seen that is clearly not a lens flare. In the next (B), motion in the hand held welder's lens caused both the Sun and this Monster Sun persona to create a reflection below them. In the third (C), the motion was upward. Since lens flares do not have lens flares, this indicates two sources of light - the Sun and a Monster Sun representing Planet X.