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SOHO Debris
on Sep 11, 2003

I´m pretty sure it´s a meteor shower. [and from another poster] An hour after the meteor shower, everything seemed to be alright. [and from another poster] I might hazard a guess that we are starting to go through not only the dust cloud following Planet X , but the pebbles, boulders, rocks and boulders described by the Egyptian high priest when the Hebrews left Egypt about 1228 BC. [and from another poster] If NASA had EITs and C1 and C2 at the same time as that C3 sure would be neat. I bet they do. There has to be an override procedure for special events. That´s why they drop transmissions to the public at critical times. [and from another poster] There has been a similar event: 2003/02/07 21:42 You would see the same stipes, but thinner. One of it has a twirl, like a telephone cable. They all go in large curves, not straight. That was the Aurigids meteor shower. [and from another poster] The good thing is that it hasn´t effected the radiation coming at us.
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Not from the Sun, too large to be meteors, the tail of Planet X is no longer just wafting fine red dust, but debris!
NASA feeble explanation is some of the protective coating of Soho is dispersed due to a meterorite strike.Any meterorite strike would knock the shit out of Soho, not just the protective coating.