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Night View
on June 11, 2003

Planet X approaches from the direction or Orion/Taurus in the summer of 2003, from Southern constellations. When viewed from an extreme Southern Hemisphere location, New Zealand, this part of the sky is visible after the sun sets or before it rises, in other words, in the night sky. New Zealand is in Winter during June, 2003. Thus on June 11 at 1:00 AM, well after the Sun has set, the view along the Ecliptic still pointing toward the southern constellations of Orion/Taurus where Planet X approaches, moving in the direction of Leo the Lion. [Note: see Moon Theory, that this object is the Moon.]

Signs of the Times #25 (via email to Nancy)
I am Korean. I live in Seoul. In 4 days the red star object flashing at night at the top of White Mountain has doubled in size! From June 7 to June 11, per the webcam there.
Facing WEST White Island Crater