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Night View
on September 12, 2003

Planet X approaches from the direction or Orion/Taurus in the summer of 2003, from Southern constellations. When viewed from an extreme Southern Hemisphere location, New Zealand, this part of the sky is visible after the sun sets, or before it rises, in other words, in the night sky. New Zealand is approaching Spring in September, 2003. Thus on September 12, just ahead of dawn at 5:00 AM, the Orion/Taurus constellation from whence Planet X approached in well overhead in the East, by 7:00 AM Leo the Lion along the Ecliptic overhead too. Where the webcam faces West, there is evidence that Planet X has been tugging at the S Pole, so that the Earth may be Tilting, first noticed on Aug 18, with an unexplained change in Longitude, as indicated by Photos, then righting itself, so the location of Planet X comes within view an hour early on occasion in New Zealand. [Note: see Moon Theory, that this object is the Moon.]

Facing WEST White Island Crater