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Persona Alignment
Minnesota, on Sep 16, 2003

The first photo is showing the personas having moved retrograde on Sep 15 at around 2:30 PM, with a huge flare off to the left. The next two were taken at 2:00 PM Sep 16, with the Sun facing more in a southerly direction now. They were all taken with the lens filter show a continuing merging of the personas with the Planet X formation coming together. These photos as compared to many you have already received are showing the double persona image surrounded by the large dust field, the huge red persona, and the comet like persona with the bearded-fanned shape tail trailing it. The similar comparisons from many sectors of the world only confirm that something large and omminous is approaching from in front of the Sun.
This vertical alignment is similar to what has been presented in the Aug 24 Ohio Lotus Flower crop circle.