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London Photo
on May 9, 2003

I do not think this is Planet X, only a reflection from something or a defect in the camera. Nothing was seen with the nake eye (the sun was too bright to look in that direction anyway). However, I have showed the picture to a few folks. Most think its a light reflection. However one person (who has some photo experience) thinks it could be a reflection from another "body". Anyway it got me rattled a bit, being red/pink, round, beneath the Sun, etc.

The picture was taken in London, England, around 13:57 GMT. My son was taking a picture of the jet stream/contrail, as the sky was clear, except for these planes/jets leaving their marks. I though perhaps they were trying to hide something so I asked my son to go outside and have a peep. The picture is untouched, and came straight out of the digital camera.
Mr. Z, in the UK