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Many Faces
Italy, on Sep 21, 2003

I hope these are not the last ones.
As the rising Sun moves from left to right and higher in the sky, the personas show their independence from the Sun. In the first three photos, the White Persona and Red Persona are seen at 10 o'clock, and Red Cross personas can be seen across the Sun at 4 o'clock. Under welder's lens in the next 3 photos, the Comet persona with the fan tail comes visible, more pronounced than just a few days ago. In the next photo, the White and Red personas have separated, one at 11 o'clock and apart from the Sun, the other at 10 o'clock and attached to the Sun, with the Red Cross persona also separating from the Sun. In the final unfiltered photo, the reason for the intensity of the Sun can be seen, as these personas are lost in the glare of the Occulted Sun.