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Sightings with Unaided Eye
as of May 10, 2003

Check out the [Washington State May 6th sunset photo] It´s a great example of what was seen Friday morn [May 9], around 4:50 AM, looking E over the Cerbat Mtn range in NW Arizona. It was visible for only about 3-5 min, and then the sun´s light swallowed it. It´s about the size of the head of a roofing nail at it´s fuzziest and thickest. It really looked like this pic, at it´s thickest point on the bottom. But didn´t see the rest of it, like in this pic. Need higher elevation to see it rise, only briefly visible because of the sun. It´s creepy, never seen anything like it before. The sky was very clear! Just a fuzzy dot, dingy orange in color, but right there in a very cloudless horizon. It looks like that pic, but closer to the sun, and not as big as that whole circle in the pic, but it´s something new that wasn´t there.
Left Field, on godlikeproductions Message Board
I just had a look outside [May 10] and saw something unusual. The clouds towards the western horizon appear with a slight reddish hue. Almost sunset-like. Definite reddish appearance. Had a look at the KitKam, but does not show up as the clouds are just outside the camera field of view - reddish clouds are towards the southern / south-western sky. May just be a haze effect. In any event, strange. I'm going to keep an eye on this.
Dan, in Vancouver

Click for full size Where to Look image, from the Islander site.