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Sunrise Sun
Colorado, on May 13, 2003

This morning [May 13] when I got up to take photos there was a thin cloud cover on the eastern horizon with clear sky above it. So I decided to take a few pictures as the sun rose through the clouds. I took 9 pictures and I didn’t find anything in 8 of the 9 photos, however, in photo number 8 an image again appears when the midtones are adjusted as they were yesterday. This image is to the left of the sun at a 45 degree angle above the horizon verses the 60 degree angle in yesterday’s photo. Like yesterday the image is similar in size as the sun, and the image is about 9 sun diameters from the sun. In this photo the sun is higher on the horizon than yesterday and therefore the bending effect of the earth should be less prevalent. This may account for the small change in angle (45 vs 60) and slightly shorter distance (9 vs 10) from the image to the sun. The interesting thing to note about this picture is that the camera was turned 90 degrees relative to yesterday’s camera position. I believe this 90 degree twist may address whether this image is due to lens effects or not.
Mark, in Colorado