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Japan, on Sep 30, 2003

Sep 30, at 3:24 and 3:39 PM in Osaka, Japan.
This series is an excellent opportunity to show what is and what is not a lens flare. Photos of the Sun, which is so intense, almost invariably include lens flares, produce halos, and sundogs that line up along the halo when present. One of the characteristics of a lens flare is that it stands before, not behind, objects in the photo, as it is on the lens of the camera. In the first photo, it is evident that the purple haze, which shows up in all the photos and in third and fifth as a halo, is a flare. But the pink corpus at 10 o'clock, which likewise shows up in all the photos, is not, as it stands behind the wires in the second, third, and fifth photos. Other phenomena that display in these photos are the Red Cross, the Wings of the Winged Globe, and another persona at 8 o'clock.