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Analysis of Colorado Sunrise Photo
taken May 12 and 13, 2003

I can detect no tampering or artwork. Not a smudge or paste. The object shows up in both photos submitted to me. I do not believe it is a lens flare. It exhibits a very narrow spectrum of light that disappears with minor modifications which leads me to suspect that it is an object far away above atmospheric filtering. I can't prove that, I only suspect. This is the BEST photo I have seen to date. My only concern is the relative position to the Sun. The object is above the Sun. I do not know if that is the predicted location.
Another very nice shot. I notice that once again there is no rainbow effect on the anomaly which can be indicative of a sundog, it is at a steep angle while sundogs are usually at 90 degree angles and also the edges gradually fade into the surrounding sky so does not have the sharper edges of a lens reflection.