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Washington Sunset Photo
taken May 12, 2003

I was able to capture a few more interesting images these last few days while backpacking in the Mt Baker National Forest. They were taken around 7:00 PM on Monday, the 12th. I was able to shoot 10 or so photos of the event using the same camera as before. Could these just be sundogs? Also, there's an interesting 'planet shapped' sphere located between planetx/sundog and mountain/sun. What are your thoughts on these images?
Another nice set of images. I guess it pays to carry your camera around! Does not appear to be an obvious sundog and closely resembles other possible 2nd sun images. Not sure what that msytery object you refer to could be. Appears to be mostly rectangular but is too indistinct to tell anything for sure. So some sort of UFO catagory hehe.