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First Midday Sun Reports
May 13, 2003

I live in Arizona 6 thousand feet up and today it was warm and the sky started out blue and clear. By the afteroon the tic tack toe lines were again high in the sky. Two of my kids felt ill and lethargic yesterday and today. It´s like they have the sleeping sickness. They just want to sleep all the time. I believe they have stepped up this spraying of whatever it is they are spraying. Even more wierd than the chemtrails was a round glow about 8 o´clock relative to the sun. If those chemtrails had not made the sky all hazy I would have seen it clearly. I wondered if it was what they call a sun dog however it was not next to or near the sun, and for the short time I viewed it. Well it looked like a second sun to me and very much like the pictures posted on the Troubled Times viewing site so I am posting this here to see if anyone had a better view of this bright light in the sky.
Sky Watcher, on godlikeproductions Message Board
I usually am a skeptic, I don´t believe in ufos and conspiracies, but I wanted to point out that I usually walk a few laps at this park in the mornings, and today I kept thinking the sun was too high in the sky for 8 am, so I looked up and boy, was I surprised to find I could stare directly at it without it hurting my eyes. It looked just like the moon, silvery-white, then I looked above the silver-white disk and noticed another brighter, yellower slightly smaller (more distant) sun which looked like our sun (bright enough to hurt my eyes if I tried to look at it), so the the silvery-white one, where did it come from? I stared at them for a while but then one of them disappeared or it was more like they merged or something. God help me, I hate conspiracies, and I´m a skeptic, and I´ve never seen anything like this before... what the hell is going on???
SkeptikalFrenchie, on godlikeproductions Message Board
I had the same experience this morning, so the sun driving to work but I could actually look at it, I think look above that and was blinded by the real sun! It was wierd. Honest.
2nd Sun, on godlikeproductions Message Board