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Ominous Warning

Sunrise Sun, then Sunset Sun ...

When the Earth is turning toward the Sun, you are rushing into the light rays that are coming at you [red shift]. When it is sunset, the Earth is turning away from the Sun, and thus you have less of an intensity. You will notice in the photo[May 1 Sunrise] that the second sun you are seeing is not that bright, therefore it does not take much to make that disappear into orange light evenly.
ZetaTalk on Lou Gentile Show, May 2, 2003

then Midday Sun

Increasingly, as it approaches, it will become dominant literally during the noon time. You will be able to see it, not as bright as the sun, but you will be able to see that it is moving, not with the sun but on its own accord. People will point to this and key graphics showing Egyptian plowmen plowing under a cross in the sky, showing you that that this occurs during the day. And this will be only the week before rotation stops that this will happen. And again, this depends on visibility. If an intense cloud cover is over you, you really can hardly make out the sun. So it varies by viewer and by the viewers ability to register what they are seeing and not deny it.
ZetaTalk on Lou Gentile Show, May 2, 2003