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Toronto, on Oct 7, 2003

There is a page on Rense.COM The photo was to show chemtrails over the city of Toronto, Canada. You can see Planet X behind the chemtrail at 7 o´clock and a [Mega-Monster] persona above the sun. [and from another poster] Took the picture to Photoshop. It seems to be legit. On the picture you can see the ‘orb’ underneath the contrail. [and from another poster] There certainly are some extra orbs there. Seems to be right where the trails are being sprayed. There is also lens glare, as would be expected, but the orbs are distinct solid objects spearate from that. One more convincing photo.
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The distinct White Persona at 7 o'clock, stands behind the contrail, showing it not to be a lens flare. The Mega-Monster at 10 o'clock is an illusion caused by bending light rays, and does not represent the actual physical size of Planet X, represented by the White Persona.