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Italy, on Oct 10, 2003

From these images, it moves for its approach.
The rapid movement during a sunrise or sunset is due to the closeness of the Planet X complex. The motion of the Sun or Planet X in the sky is actually our motion, as our globe turns. If you stand in the corner of a room, and on the opposite side place a chair with a lamp in front of it, you will be seeing the lamp directly in front of the chair. If you step to the side a foot or two, then to the other side a foot or two, you will see little change in the placement of the chair. But if you move the lamp into the middle of the room, again looking directly at the chair they seem to be in line. But now if you step a foot or two to the side, the lamp has moved! Thus, this apparent rapid movement of the Planet X components during a sunrise or sunset series is proof that it has moved closer to us recently.