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on May 13, 2003

Object at 9 oclock on the image. taken at 10:20 UT SOHO C3 has not updated images since 15:42 May 14. Lots of chatter on godlike forum about this 10:20 image.
SOHO is not affected by sunrise/sunset times, so the light bent from Planet X is there all the time. Since it's not fully understood by humans, it might show up here and there. NASA and many physists/students should have been able to calculate in general were the red persona might show up, but not all of the factors are understood.

The latest SOHO images, since about 7:00 AM on 13-May to present [May 14] show what appears to be a group of objects slowly moving toward the sun. ... Look at about the 10:00 o'clock position.
It is a open star cluster called the Pleides. Kind of looks like a small version of the big dipper.