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Sunset Sighting Reports
as of May 15, 2003

I think I saw it. 20:30 [May 15], sunset, I was driving to cinema and then I saw it. White oval, on the right side of the sunset, that turned into ball-ish kinda figure. It was like Pensylvania pic just couple of times bigger and right of the sun. It was more to the north then to the south, pretty high in the sky, not like on the Pensylvania photo, much higher. There was no tricks of light and clouds, even a complete moron would see that that thing is a object, something new. It was like a pearl with tail. It was glowing. Then started to change shape like it is changing direction. Spooky. It wasn’t a plane or UFO or cloud. That mother was huge and so visible I thought I was imagining things. I never saw anything like this. At first it looked like a very distant plane that was heading north (cos it looked like a plane with smoke tail or a comet with tail), but it wasnt. It stood on one place and slowly turned to ball-ish object that was glowing. It was really amazing. Can this be Planet X? Is this really happening?
Gru, in Croatia
Wow, saw Planet X last night (15th May) here about 40 miles east of London. Was kicking myself for not having a camera handy but damn it was amazing. Finally was able to say to all the skeptics about me, look! There it is! It was on the left-hand side of the sun at the same position as most of the other pics on the sightings page, the time was roughly about 7PM (was too amazed to note the exact time). I saw red, orange and white hues all blending in to each other, it looked also like a mini sun! It also appeared to change shape although there were thin whispy clouds sometimes obscuring it. My girlfriend was thinking up all manner of explanations but admitted it was something she had never seen before.
Dan, in London