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Midday Sighting Reports
as of May 17, 2003

I couldn't believe it. I had heard about all this Planet X stuff, originally from a friend about a year ago, but I didn't beleive it. But yesterday [May 19], I was at Ka`a`awa beach (I live in Honolulu, HI, and Ka`a`awa is on Northwest coast) with my family, and right around 11:30-11:45 AM, I looked up because of a funny feeling, and there I could see a brightly lit object beneath and to the right of the sun. It was clearly not the sun, but was obviously a distinct object. I am writing to you out of original disbelief. I am a beleiver now.
Tony, in Honolulu
I was out and about almost all the afternoon. The sky was clear, so from time to time, I peered at the sun and checked the area around it. Nothing. At approx. 18:15 [May 17], a sort of a veil (is that a proper word?) started to form in the sky, slightly blocking the sun. At that time, approximately two palms right of the sun, perhaps slightly lower, it appeared as there would be another light source (but not as bright as a sun) behind that veil. My girlfriend saw it as well. It lasted a few minutes, then the veil got thicker and the light disappeared (the sun got dimmer as well) and the clouds started to form, so by the time I found my camera, I could only film a bunch of clouds. That's it. I can't say it was Planet X, but I think it was. It fitted the descriptions I read so far, and looked similar to many images seen so far, and I think it fitted the Croatia sightings position as well (Slovenia is a northern neighbour of Croatia).
Kiko, in Slovenia
I also saw it yesterday, May 17, something like your report. 3:00 PM in afternoon or perhaps 2:30 PM, thereabouts, clear skies between cumulous clouds. In a bare part of sky, a pale orange diffuse large circle, stood out as all clouds were very white or gray in indented shadow parts of clouds, no orange color at all anywhere else. Was below and to the right of the sun, which was much overhead.
Nancy, in Wisconsin