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Sunset Sun
Florida, on May 16, 2003

I was out again tonight to see if the image I took last night at sunset would appear, and it did! Precisely in the same direction as the Sunset which is way to the Northwest now and positioned at near the same coordinates as last night. The sky was completely cloudless except for some fine haze near where the sun was setting. When you magnify these images here is what I think is visible:
Photo # 1 appears to show a comet with a coma trailing to the left of object.
Photo # 2 depicts an object with a serpentine or S shaped appearance (Which is the description of PlanetX).
Photo # 3 shows an object with a starlike appearance. It has been said that as the planet approaches closer to the Earth it will take on the appearance of a cross.

I checked the SOHO this morning. It continues to show immense solar flares and explosions occuring off to the left. Last night I was out very late and noticed that the horizon looked as though it had dropped off suddenly and the cloud formations looked much closer to the ground with a very strange redish tint to them.
Steven, in Florida