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on May 16, 2003

Below are 3 images from the SOHO camera captured 20:42 to 21:42 UTC (about 11 AM Hawaii time) which show a flare coming off the Sun. Discussion at godlike forum about this.
Look very closely at this pic in the area of the ´white blob´ (10 o´clockish) ... If this is a Brown Dwarf, if gives off almost no light and no radio waves (usually) so it is very hard to detect. ... Brown Dwarfs are so dense they are just short of a black hole in terms of giving off light (maybe a slight exaggeration, but it is my understanding as a layman). NASA/Hubble, et al, have commented publically about how hard they are to see even in our own backyard! ... If you go research it, you will find that we are just beginning to figure out how to detect Brown Dwarfs (generally they do not show up in even the best ´sight´ telescopes) and we´re only now beginning to understand how to pick them up on radio waves which are often lower in intensity than a TV remote control. ... But I suspect they´ve known it was there. ... These SOHO pics give me a great deal of encouragement! There is something there! I also see that the Solar Board where these things are usually discussed in some detail is down again! Their messages don´t show up. I´d say that is another confirmation of this very thing! ... Nice of the NSA to confirm it for us, eh? ... Pretty darn big whatever it is!
I took the picture and enlarged it to as large as I could. It looks solid and the shape of a stealth.
Has anyone determined how much of an anomaly this is? Does anything such as a scheduled comet show up on NASA charts that would explain this? (Although it doesn´t look like a comet.) Could it be anything besides an object, such as a vortex or energy field or something else? Is there any official comment or explanation anywhere? Any unofficial? Are they discussing it on other message boards? It appears to be an object but certainly from our perspective who knows what it is? What is everyone seeing? The dark-appearing object and a huge trail behind? Why would the trail be so large? How about some guesses?