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Sunrise Sighting Reports
as of May 16, 2003

I may have seen it on May 16, 2003 at 5:15AM. Small orangeish ball, in east sky. Thought it was the moon at first, but much smaller, faded and disappeared after sun came up. Looked in starmap to verify position with your RA/dec coordinates. Seemed higher than coordinates showed, but at same distance from sun. Once sun cleared hills object faded and disappeared with the sunlight, a few small clouds, of same color, in vicinity remained. I have looked, when weather clear, this is my first visual sighting of anything as you have described.
Carol, in California
At around 5:00 AM, May 14, 2003, I looked out my window to the east and saw the sun coming up. I only observed this for a minute and looked away. At 5:45 AM, I looked out my window again and I saw the Sun coming up. I was stunned. I just saw the sun come up. I was not drunk nor crazy. I saw what I saw by accident really. I had slept at the bottom of the bed that night because my husband was snoring and I would not have saw this otherwise. The real sun came up to the left of the first sighting. This friend of mine from BC, has been telling me for months about a Panet X, but I paid no attention to this, so he can confirm my lack of interest in this subject. I knew nothing of the circumstances surrounding this thing until I actually saw it. I wish that I had of paid more attention now, but who was to know. How many people watch the sun come up before coffee and how many people would even notice this as this thing was coming up in the east north section of the universe chart. Amazing, I called the Planetorian in Calgary and the guy was a real jerk about this, intimidating me and manipulating me into believing that I did not see what I saw. He could have just hung up on me as a crack pot but he went a little to far.I am glad to know others are seeing the same thing. I have some thinking to do.
Sharron, in Alberta