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SOHO Coverup
on May 17, 2003

If this picture is not a copy and paste job, I don’t know what is ...
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NASA as we mentioned when the Mars images showing in infrared that villages, with streets and conduits for running water, were clearly visible on Mars occurred, a slip-up that Hoagland quickly took advantage of. We stated at that time that such slips would increase, due to several factors.
  1. there is resentment at NASA against the dismissive manner they are being treated, by arrogance that knows no limit in the White House.
  2. they are distracted, realizing that the White House has NO plans to care for NASA employees or their families, and would leave them to drown in Houston without a thought while they rushed to their bunkers.
Thus, such slips as allowing a SOHO to reel to the public, actually showing Planet X as it appeared in the NC Double Helix photo, were not by design but by oversight.
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