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Night View
Colorado, on Oct 21, 2003

Nancy: Something at 10:00 again. This is same cam that asteroid or cloud showed up on, Oct 19. It is a rotating cam, but seems still at night. Maybe it is being pointed higher at night and remains motionless. The cloud was visible all night. It is moving, whatever it is. I got whole series on this. It showed up early evening and was on till near dawn. It has moved to left of center and they don't all seem the same. What I notice is absence of any city lights. The sunrise pics of Denver are from same cam.
If the Moon can reflect light from the Sun, while hugging close to the Earth at a relatively short distance, then the dust cloud and moon swirls of Planet X can certainly reflect sunlight as well as the sunlight. These two pics, less than an hour apart, show movement, and they are both dissimilar from the pic captured on Oct 19. In addition, there is a red dust cloud haze present. Note that something reflecting sunlight is captured by SOHO too, at this time.