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Many Faces
Russia, on Oct 23, 2003

I have added on a Page today's pictures with an optical filter and light zoom (3X). On them also anything is not present except for the sun. And this circle, at 7 o'clock on one of photos - optical effect of illumination of clouds. If there it is valid that that was, it would be fixed equally in all pictures.
A strong skeptic from Russia, on the hunt for the truth. In his first photo I find an Occulted Sun, not round and bulging in a fuzzy manner at the top. The second photo also appears a not round sun, again the same extra at the top, and the ghostly Monster Sun, which is not the true physical placement or size of Planet X but a bent light focus, shows as a green sphere. On the third photo, telescopic of the Sun, as Alexandr has noted, oddly lit to the 7 o'clock side, and there an object outlined. And in the last, the Winged Globe effect, caused only because a light presence has caused the normal horizontal/vertical line flares to be skewed.