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From the Dec 20, 2001 sci.astro Debates

Sonja Jordaan and company in New Zealand. They were very serious and wrote
to me some weeks ago asking about coordinates, which I provided. Her report, 


From: "Sonja Jordaan" <>
To: "'Nancy Lieder'" <>
Subject: RE: Nibiru
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 13:22:02 +0200

Dear Nancy, although we're not financially independent, you are more
than welcome to use our names. My partner in crime is Jacobus Stemmet. 
As I mentioned the trip was 1,400 km (2,800 both ways). The astronomer
at the Sutherland Observatory (SAAO - the biggest in the Southern
Hemisphere - 74" telescope), was Steven Potter, who after several
telephonic confirmations, refused permission to view.

We DO want to make a big issue out of this so that people can realize
the truth. Thanks for the intro to Steve. I'll send him an e-mail as

If weather permits, we are trying again this week at a local observatory
(albeit with a much smaller lens).


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From: Nancy Lieder []
Sent:	19 December, 2001 2:02 AM
Subject: Re: Nibiru

Sonja, meet Steve Havas, and visa versa. Steve was the Vancouver
sighting recorded in the Teams section, and has gone public on sci.astro
to talk about what he saw and the like. The gentleman renting Lowell
also went public on tt-watch, but has not posted on sci.astro.

Sonja, if you would be willing (they will call you a cultist, a liar,
etc., as they have Steve to some degree) denial of looking at those
coordinates would mean a great deal to those claiming it does NOT
EXIST. Then why not LOOK! etc. Steve also got an admission from a VP
of the Canadian astronomy group that they know about and regularly look
at Nibiru! I also got this admission in California, though these
astronomers are leaned on and don't admit this in writing, etc.

Could I use your name? I'm always accused of making all this up! You
can of course say NO and it would be quite understandable. Unless
you're financially independent or some such, wanting to say private is
quite understandable, MOST often taken. Apparently Steve is single,
debt free, and gutsy :-)

Sonja Jordaan wrote:
> Dear Nancy, many thanks for returning my e-mails.
> After we drove 1,400 km to the observatory, (having made 
> arrangements), they refused to let us have a look at Nibiru.
> The question I'd like to ask, is how was the date of May 2003 
> obtained? Also, do you know what size telescope they used at 
> Neuchatal?
> Many thanks,.
> Sonja Jordaan