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Camera Twitch on 10/11/2002

Frame 9 recorded what is apparently a camera twich, stars doubling up in a dribbling line. Thus, in this frame, multiple white and red light candidates are present in the summary and create confusion. Below are the Summary, which includes Frame 9, and below that, the twitched Frame 9 alone.

I guess the two closest red light candidates to what we would expect are the ones on frames 5 and 9. They are in the same RA position with the one on frame 9 being higher, about half-way closer to the white light position. I have the one from frame 9 as being considerably brighter, registering a total intensity for the 4 pixels of 4227 on MaxIm DL as compared to 1487 for the one on frame 5 with the average background pixel around 150-200.