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10/11/2002 Time/Date/Location


The time of the images was between 12 and 1 am on Oct 11. So it looks like it would have started off looking mostly east at about 37 degrees above horizon and then moving to a EES position at 50 degrees above horizon. So these images would have started and finished at a higher position in the sky than the Oct 4 images but looking approximately the same direction east. I don't know if this has been mentioned or not but with the earth rotating over the time the images are taken the light from PX should be moving to a different spot just about every image? I'm just wondering how much over say the hour the images are taken the light position could change based on our expectations of the light passing over the equator or not, elevation in sky etc.
It's kind of hard to say what the coordinates would be for Oct 11 being in between the Zeta given coordinates of Oct 3 and Oct 25. The RA goes from 4.400986 to 4.400546 and the Dec from 12.13942 to 12.13215 over those dates.