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Planet X Moons, Trailing and Swirling
on Dec 4 Images

Here are some other spots that I have circled that I cannot find on any comparison images. They also show up fairly well on all the frames. I don't think they can be noise or anything because on each image they show up slightly differently, similar to how the existing objects show up. What on earth are all these spots? Could they be space trash riding in front on Planet X, moons trailing behind in the dust cloud? There is also a new spot, 1/2 the size of the red persona, which shows up on almost all the frames located in between the red and white candidates and about 2/3 that distance above them.
Steve Havas
The moons being viewed so distinctly is remarkable. The tail of 2 moons following is noticable on each image and follows a logical route. The direction of travel of Plnet X is consistant with the coordinates and DSS comparison.
J William Dell
Dec 4 Imaging SummaryDSS Comparison